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Idan Gonen
Idan Gonen
09:51 13 Sep 18
When I came to jacks office, I was in the worst time of my life and really needed guidance. Jack was very understanding... as this all process was very scary . Jack took his time to explain everything, and was very responsive to every question I had . I would recommend this office, and jack and know you’ll find yourself in great hands Thanks so muchread more
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Don’t Limit Your Options

At DFA, we avoid a one-size-fits-all approach.

Many companies operating on the internet only offer one or two debt solutions. Here at Debt Free Australia, we offer the full suite of professional debt solutions. We will take the time to explain each option so you can select the one that best suits your needs, not ours.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to help your situation. See how we can help.

Debt Agreement

Debts (unsecured) less than $118,063.40
Income less than $1,651.13 p.w. (after tax)
Equity in assets less than $114,478.00

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Personal Insolvency Agreement

Debts (unsecured) more than $114,478.00
Income more than $1,651.13 p.w. (after tax)
Equity in assets more than $114,478.00

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Best for low income earners (ie less than $1,100.75 p.w. after tax)

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Professional Advice

If you would simply like to discuss your options, Debt Free Australia offers professional debt advice free of charge for all callers.

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When you have selected your solution, we do the necessary paperwork and manage your creditors.


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  • My wife and I had been struggling for some time to pay not only a large tax debt, but also credit card debt. With the ability to service the debt no longer possible, the only solution we could see was to apply for bankruptcy and possibly lose our home. Through the actions and advice from the Debt Free Australia not only were we able to keep our home, but we will be debt free in four years. We are very grateful to the staff at Debt Free Australia for their patience and perseverance in helping us through a very difficult time.

    Thank you.

    Derrick Kettlewell

  • I have to thank Debt Free Australia for their professional and quick solutions to my debt solution. Since sorting it out in 2009, I felt secure in knowing my future was being sorted out, Thanks to Jack and the team as well, as they were also able to help me during my agreement to ensure i was able to live my life without being too restricting, was very happy with I paid it off in 2013!

    Cam, Melbourne

  • I would like to thank Debt Free Australia for all their help. Debt Free Australia helped me avoid bankruptcy and helped me getting my life back on track through a Debt Agreement. Debt Free Australia is a very professional organisation which listened and I found easy to approach. I could never imagine my life without debt and thanks to Debt Free Australia I can now live my life.


  • Thanks to Debt Free Australia’s Debt Agreement Proposal that is helping me to successfully pay off my debts over 5 years. After going through hard times which resulted in me losing my license, having to find a new job closer to home, and my car being repossessed, Debt Free Australia acted on my behalf. I am now on my way to finishing my obligations under the Debt Agreement, which will leave me Debt Free.


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Unlike many of our competitors, we are licensed and registered with AFSA.

We have a proven track record. Since 2006, we have helped thousands of Australians get out of debt.

We won’t charge you a cent until we have found the debt solution that meets your needs.


Our Debt Agreement Administrator and Bankruptcy Trustee is licensed and registered with AFSA