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3 tips to help you manage your debt this holiday season

10 Nov, 2019

3 tips to help you manage your debt this holiday season It’s that magical time of the year again, where many of us look forward to celebrating the holiday season. However, there is no denying that it can be expensive. If you don’t plan your spendings properly, you may end up in more debt after the festivities end. Here are…


New Debt Agreement Law Reform 2019

07 Aug, 2019

The Bankruptcy Amendment (Debt Agreement Reform) Bill 2018 commenced on 27 June 2019. This debt agreement law reform aims to enhance accessibility so that the debt agreement system is a fairer system for both debtors and creditors. It also aims to protect the financially vulnerable from potentially being exploited.   There are various features of debt agreements that will be…


Consequences of Bankruptcy in Australia

01 Aug, 2019

Here at Debt Free Australia we always try to find the least severe financial solution before we consider bankruptcy. With that philosophy in mind we offer a free financial assessment to explore possible alternatives before committing to Bankruptcy. However, if you wish to file for bankruptcy, we see it as our role to firstly educate you about the consequences. There…


Life After Bankruptcy in Australia – Your emotional, physical and financial wellbeing

01 Aug, 2019

Life After Bankruptcy in Australia  - Your emotional, physical and financial wellbeing   Here at Debt Free Australia, we are often asked about whether or not there is a ‘life’ after bankruptcy.   For many people, the emotional, financial, and physical stress of personal insolvency can sometimes make it seem like there is no end to it. However, bankruptcy can…


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