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How To Get Back On Your Feet After Going Bankrupt

03 Jan, 2021

How To Get Back On Your Feet After Going Bankrupt   Declaring bankruptcy is never ideal but it is not the be-all and end-all that you may think. Bankruptcy may even be the best solution for you to get on a path of a brighter financial future. Whether you lost your job or your company, you can begin to build…


Need Debt Help? Here Are Your Options

10 Dec, 2020

People find themselves in financial trouble for all kinds of reasons. In times of financial distress, it helps to know one’s options. Debt Free Australia (DFA) has put together a list of the formal debt solution options available to you: Debt Agreement The first option for those seeking debt help is aDebt Agreement. A Debt Agreement is an arrangement between…


How to Find the Right Debt Solution For You

01 Nov, 2020

While you may not be the only Australian struggling with personal debt issues, every person’s situation is different and so it is important to find the debt solution that is right for your individual circumstance. However, finding the best option is easier said than done. There are many personal debt solutions available that can make this process very confusing and…


Why A Debt Agreement Can Be A Better Option Than Bankruptcy

10 Oct, 2020

Are you struggling to repay your debts but want to avoid filing for bankruptcy? At Debt Free Australia, we can offer an alternative solution to mending your debt problems: through a Debt Agreement. A Debt Agreement is a legal alternative to bankruptcy in which you arrange to pay a certain amount back to your unsecured creditors over a set period…


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