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The Top 3 Tips to Minimise Debt in 2018

06 Apr, 2018

Do you feel like your debt is growing out of control? At Debt Free Australia we care about our clients. If you have reached a stage where there is no escape from the depths of debt, contact us now! To help save money and minimise the risks of your debt getting out of control, here are our top 3 tips…


How do you file for bankruptcy?

26 Mar, 2018

How do you file for bankruptcy? Filing for bankruptcy may be regarded as a difficult task but we have helped simplify the steps required to file for bankruptcy in Australia. Choosing a Bankruptcy Trustee. There are two choices when appointing a bankruptcy trustee: Appoint the Official Trustee from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA). If you lodge your application directly…


1-year Bankruptcy Bill introduced by Federal Parliament

15 Jan, 2018

The federal government introduced The Bankruptcy Amendment (Enterprise Incentives) Bill 2017 late last year. This is why, at Debt Free Australia (DFA), we want to make sure you know how these changes will affect you. These new laws aim to decrease stigma around bankruptcy and give bankrupts a ‘fresh start’. The negative effects caused by the harsh bankruptcy laws that…


Why is bankruptcy the best option?

11 Jan, 2018

In recent news, AFSA (Australian Financial Security Authority) have released statistics showing that Australians have recorded the highest rate of bankruptcy since June 2016. There has been a sudden increase in the number of Australians declaring bankruptcy, which may appear to be a bad thing, however, with recent developments it is possible that some Australians see it as the best…


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