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What is debt consolidation and how can you benefit from it?

Debt consolidation is when you consolidate (i.e. combine) all your debts, such as existing loans, credit card balances and borrowings into a single loan. This means you will only need to make one repayment, one interest and one set of loan fees. What are some benefits of debt consolidation? To secure a lower interest rate. If you have credit cards ...
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What is a debt agreement and how do I know if I am eligible?

There are many alternatives to bankruptcy, with a Debt Agreement being one of them. A Debt Agreement is a legally binding agreement you can reach with your creditors if you can no longer afford to repay the debt. The outlines of this agreement can be found under Part IX of the Bankruptcy Act 1966 in Australia. Not everyone can apply ...
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Looking for Debt Relief? Debt Free Australia Can Help

Experiencing personal financial difficulties and need some debt relief? Debt Free Australia has got you covered. We offer a range of solutions that will help you get debt relief so that you can prepare for a better financial future. Debt Relief Solution 1: Debt Agreement A Debt Agreement refers to an arrangement established between the debtor and his or her ...
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Top 3 mistakes when paying off debt

Paying off your debts is one of the best options you can make to improve your financial situation. However, it is also one of the biggest financial issues most people struggle with. Paying your debts sometimes may not be easy - especially if you make mistakes along the way. Below are the top 3 mistakes that you should make sure ...
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What Is A Personal Insolvency Agreement?

What Is A Personal Insolvency Agreement? A Personal Insolvency Agreement (PIA) is a legally binding payment arrangement you can reach with your creditors if you can no longer afford to repay the full debt. Also known as a Part 10, a PIA can be a flexible way to get relief from your debts without being made bankrupt. You qualify for ...
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Tips for avoiding bankruptcy

Here at Debt Free Australia we always try to find the least severe financial solution before we consider bankruptcy. With that philosophy in mind, we offer a free financial assessment to explore possible alternatives before committing to Bankruptcy. Whilst filing for bankruptcy is a quick and easy way to get out of debt, it may have adverse consequences, please click ...
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Credit card traps to avoid

Credit cards are designed for convenience and can be a useful financial tool if used properly. However, credit cards can also lead you down a path of costly debt that end up costing you more than you realise. See below for credit card traps that you should avoid: 1. Minimum repayments When making repayments you may feel the need to ...
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Life After Bankruptcy in Australia – Your emotional, physical and financial wellbeing

Life After Bankruptcy in Australia  - Your emotional, physical and financial wellbeing Here at Debt Free Australia, we are often asked about whether or not there is a ‘life’ after bankruptcy. For many people, the emotional, financial, and physical stress of personal insolvency can sometimes make it seem like there is no end to it. However, bankruptcy can give you ...
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