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How to Find the Right Debt Solution For You

While you may not be the only Australian struggling with personal debt issues, every person’s situation is different and so it is important to find the debt solution that is right for your individual circumstance. However, finding the best option is easier said than done. There are many personal debt solutions available that can make this process very confusing and ...

Need Debt Help? Here Are Your Options

People find themselves in financial trouble for all kinds of reasons. In times of financial distress, it helps to know one’s options. Debt Free Australia (DFA) has put together a list of the formal debt solution options available to you: Debt Agreement The first option for those seeking debt help is aDebt Agreement. A Debt Agreement is an arrangement between ...

All About Debt Agreements

All About Debt Agreements Debt agreements are unique but comparable to personal insolvency agreements. If you are in a financial difficulty and you can’t pay your debts, you might consider a debt agreement. There are some great reasons to apply for a debt agreement and some details you need to know before proceeding. With a debt agreement, there are different ...

Why Seek Professional Financial Help?

If you’ve ever experienced overwhelming debt, you know firsthand how difficult it is to see through to the other side. Your finances consume your thoughts and your down-time is spent worrying. You feel trapped by your debt, and more often than not you are always thinking about the worst-case scenario. When you seek the help of an impartial, experienced professional ...

Understanding Personal Debt Agreements

Understanding Personal Debt Agreements Entering a personal debt agreement can be beneficial to your financial situation. There are many pros, as well as cons, to agreeing to the terms of this document. Today, we will talk about what personal debt agreements are, how they work, and other essential details you need to know to help you if you choose to ...

How to Manage Debt

How to Manage Debt Having debt can be beneficial if you are able to manage it effectively. This is because not all debts are the same – there is ‘good debt’ and ‘bad debt’. For instance, if you have taken on a loan to invest in stocks, it is usually considered ‘good debt’. If you have borrowed money to pay ...

How will my Debt be Collected from a Creditor?

How will my Debt be Collected from a Creditor? The debt collection process is not simply a person knocking on your office door and asking for their debts to be repaid. There are guidelines set out by the Australian Competition Consumer Commission (ACCC) and the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) which dictates how debt collection agencies operate. Creditors will ...

JobKeeper – advantages and disadvantages for your firm

The JobKeeper program provides a wage subsidy to workers up to $1,500 per fortnight to the end of September. Due to the surge of cases in Victoria and Melbourne city lockdown, the program has been extended to the 28th March 2021 with new pay rates. Below explores some advantages and disadvantages of applying (or reapplying) for JobKeeper: Advantages The JobKeeper ...


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