With 2020 filled with many uncertainties, businesses worldwide have been forced to adapt to a new normal. It is crucial for your business to take advantage of these emerging trends as early as possible. Below are 4 business trends to watch out for:

1. Remote work is the new normal

Increasingly, businesses are embracing working from home in the long term. Businesses are noticing various benefits from this arrangement, such as reducing office space and not limiting hires based on geographic proximity.

2. Word of mouth and user reviews

With the majority of purchases now made online, consumers are turning towards purchases based on word of mouth (on their social media platforms) and user reviews. We will see more businesses investing in obtaining more user reviews for their products and services.

3. Changes in customer service

The disruption within the customer service industry has only accelerated the emerging trends. Businesses are starting to look into new ways to provide personalised services and experiences, through the use of tailored digital marketing and social media, compared to more traditional means such as phone and fax, streamlining the whole customer experience.

4. Big data

Having a big data strategy is crucial to ensuring a competitive edge. Ensuring you make the most out of your available data about customers and clients will dictate your marketing and business decisions.

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