Can I Travel Overseas Whilst Bankrupt?

There are many misconceptions around overseas travel as a bankrupt. For example, some people think you cannot travel overseas at all. Others say that you cannot travel overseas unless it is work-related. As a bankrupt, there are many restrictions that you should be aware of.

One of these is knowing that yes, you can travel overseas whilst bankrupt without the permission from your trustee in bankruptcy. If you have complied with your obligations as bankrupt, your trustee should allow you to travel overseas even if it is for a holiday.

Travelling overseas without your trustee’s permission will have consequences.

Before granting permission, your bankruptcy trustee will likely consider the following:

Have you complied with your obligations as bankrupt, such as paying any income contributions;
The itinerary for your trip and whether you have purchased a return ticket;
Who paid for the trip

In some cases your Trustee may place some conditions on your travel, such as paying any outstanding compulsory income contributions and a bond prior to travelling.

Where the bankruptcy is administered by the Official Trustee (AFSA), a fee of $150 will also be payable before permission to travel will be granted.

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