A Bankruptcy Trustee can object to your automatic discharge and file an application with AFSA for your Bankruptcy term to be extended from 3 years to 5 years if you trigger any of the following grounds:

  • You leave Australia without your Trustee’s permission whilst bankrupt
  • You entered into a transaction (prior to bankruptcy) which is later declared void by your trustee (ie you made a preferential payment prior to bankruptcy or you entered into a undervalued transaction prior to bankruptcy)
  • You continued to act as a company director whilst bankrupt
  • You incurred credit for more than the prescribed amount (currently set at $5,447 as at September 2015)
  • you failed to attend an examination or interview as directed by your Trustee (without any reasonable explanation);
  • you failed to attend a meeting of your creditors as directed by your Trustee;
  • you failed to disclose an asset or a beneficial interest in an asset;