At Debt Free we offer a free and unique debt assessment. Our debt assessment is carried out using state of the art computer software which will find the best solution to suit your circumstances.
We have developed and refined this software over a number of years so you can be assured you will receive impartial and expert advice.
We will always look for the least drastic solution to help solve your debt concerns.
Our software will test to see if you are eligible for the following solutions:

  1. Release of equity from assets
  2. Informal arrangement
  3. Debt Agreement
  4. Personal Insolvency Agreement
  5. Bankruptcy


Release of equity

If you own property and have sufficient equity in it then you may be able to refinance the property and repay your unsecured debts.

Informal arrangement

We will test to see if you can pay your debts back in full including interest over a reasonable period of time (i.e. up to 5 years).

Debt Agreement

If you are unable to pay back your debts in full over a reasonable period of time, it may be advisable to look at other options which may include a Debt Agreement.  We will test to see if you are eligible for a Debt Agreement.

Personal Insolvency Agreement

If you exceed the threshold limits set for a Debt Agreement, then we will look to see if you are eligible for a Personal Insolvency Agreement.


Bankruptcy is always the last resort but for people on a low income with little or no assets to protect, then it can be the best solution.
Don’t agree to enter into any debt solution service until you have had a thorough and expert debt assessment.  Here at Debt Free we will complete this assessment free of charge.
You can complete a preliminary debt assessment on-line now. We will then contact you to collect your source documents to complete the assessment. In the meantime, if you have any questions call our friendly and professional debt advisors on 1800 676 598.