With a proven track record of helping people to become debt free, Debt Free Australia are the leading personal insolvency specialists in Australia. Since their establishment in 2006, Debt Free Australia have utilised their knowledge, experience and expertise to provide thousands of individuals with debt relief services to free them from debt.
Debt Free Australia has four main debt relief services available for their clients.
The first debt relief service available is bankruptcy. The declaration of bankruptcy will bring about significant consequences for an individual, so it is critical that professional advice is sought before making such a decision. As part of this debt relief service, our knowledgeable staff will advise clients of any alternatives available to avoid bankruptcy and help them make the most appropriate decision for their individual case.
The second debt relief service available is Debt Agreement . It involves the arrangement of a formal agreement with creditors to repay a percentage of one’s debts over a period of approximately 3-5 years. With the help of a professional debt advisor, you may be able to successfully settle your debts for less than what is owed and without any more interest or charges.
The third debt relief service available is a Personal Insolvency Agreement. It is a legally binding arrangement between you and your creditors which freezes your debts and will most likely result in your repaying a reduced amount. The difference between a Personal Insolvency Agreement and a Debt Agreement is that this one is designed for people who have higher levels of debt, income and/or unencumbered assets.
By working closely with their clients, the Debt Free Australia team are able to understand the intricacies of one’s case, give advice on all available options and follow each solution through to its completion. Our CEO is a fully qualified Chartered Accountant and a Registered Trustee in Bankruptcy, so you are guaranteed to receive the best possible debt relief services by a licensed and registered insolvency practitioner.
To find out more about Debt Free Australia’s debt relief services, or for an obligation-free quote, contact us on 1800 676 598.