How do you file for bankruptcy?

Filing for bankruptcy may be regarded as a difficult task but we have helped simplify the steps required to file for bankruptcy in Australia.

Choosing a Bankruptcy Trustee.
There are two choices when appointing a bankruptcy trustee:

  1. Appoint the Official Trustee from the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA). If you lodge your application directly with AFSA, the Official Trustee will automatically become your Bankruptcy Trustee.
  2. Appoint a Registered Trustee in private practice. A registered Trustee must be registered by AFSA to accept appointments under the Bankruptcy Act.  If you choose this option, you must lodge your application with the Registered Trustee as they will need to sign and attach a Consent to Act with your application.

Completing the Bankruptcy forms:
You will need to complete the following forms before AFSA will accept your application:

  • Debtor’s Petition; and
  • Statement of Affairs

Sometimes AFSA may request some supporting documentation to support the information provided in your Statement of Affairs.

Here at Debt Free Australia will have an in-house Bankruptcy Trustee if you choose to appoint a Registered Trustee.  If you just need assistance with completing the debtor’s petition and statement of affairs we have a very affordable once off fee to assist with that.

If you want bankruptcy advice that you can trust call Debt Free Australia today on 1800 462 767.