People find themselves in financial trouble for all kinds of reasons. In times of financial distress, it helps to know one’s options.
Debt Free Australia (DFA) has put together a list of the formal debt solution options available to you:

Debt Agreement

The first option for those seeking debt help is aDebt Agreement. A Debt Agreement is an arrangement between a debtor and his/her creditors that allows them to repay an agreed amount over a certain period of time. In many cases, debtors can settle their debts for less than what was originally owed. To learn more about Debt Agreements, click here.

Personal Insolvency Agreement (PIA)

A PIA is another legally binding agreement available for those seeking debt help. It is a similar arrangement to a Debt Agreement, but is suited to those with higher levels of debt and/or income. Only people who are genuinely struggling with their debt can enter into a PIA or DA. To learn more about PIAs, click here.


Bankruptcy is an appropriate solution for debtors who have reached the point of no return. Although it has more serious consequences than the other options, it is a legitimate way for you to get out of debt, start fresh and move on with your life. To learn more about bankruptcy, click here.
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Don’t let it spiral out of control

The golden rule of dealing with debt is to act immediately after the warning signs appear. The worst thing you can do is brush it under the carpet and let your debt snowball out of control.

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