At Debt Free Australia, we are all too aware that personal debt problems can start early in life. A huge issue currently affecting Australia is student debt. Student debts are not only causing problems for students, but also greatly affecting the federal government. A recent report found that unpaid student loans from 2014 will end up costing the federal government $1.1 billion.
Accumulating a large debt early in life has the ability to ruin an individual’s future. Students not only incur HECS and FEE-HELP debts that will need to be repaid when they join the workforce, but many are also forced to take out loans during the course of their studies to help pay for living and tuition expenses. Debt Free Australia is here to offer people who are struggling with paying their student loans the best possible advice. We can help these individuals find solutions for their debt problems, and guide them through paying off their debt.
Debt education can be a huge step towards minimising student loan debt. Debt Free Australia believes that every individual, of every age, should be educated about the causes and consequences of over-indebtedness, and the possible solutions for fixing their financial problems.
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