Take a few moments to review our checklist to see if you are experiencing debt stress.

  • Are you experiencing cash flow problems and having difficulty with repaying your credit card or personal loan debt?
  • Are you getting further into arrears with your credit cards or personal loan repayments?
  • Have you attempted to consolidate (or refinance) your credit card debt or personal loan debt into your home loan but you were turned down?
  • Do you feel you now need professional help to get your debts under control?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, then you should at the very least consider getting a professional to review your finances.  Here at Debt Free Australia we have developed a rigorous debt assessment system which will thoroughly review your finances to tell you whether you can repay your debts yourself over time (without any formal debt solution) or whether you would be best placed to propose a formal arrangement with your creditors.

We offer this debt assessment free of charge and without obligation.

It is also our commitment to provide all of our callers with the best impartial advice available. The possible outcomes we may recommend following a debt assessment could be:

  • Continue to manage your debts yourself through an informal arrangement
  • Propose a debt settlement with your creditors through a Debt Agreement
  • Propose a debt settlement with your creditors through a Personal Insolvency Agreement.
  • Declare bankruptcy.

We are able to assist with all of the above options, so we are not biased towards only offering one solution to our callers.

If you are concerned about your debts, don’t delay call us today to arrange an obligation free debt assessment.

Call us now our toll free advice line 1800 676 598.