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Because of Debt Free Australia, we were able to keep our home of 29 years

G`day Jack,
I have just received information that my debt agreement has been discharged. Teri and I would just like to thank you for the professional and understanding way you handled our debt agreement for the past 5 years. In 5 years a lot can change and you made a difficult time a lot easier. You were always ready to help us out when things got tough and that meant a lot to us. This was the best solution for us and you eliminated any stress caused by having all this debt. I thought we would have to be forced into bankruptcy but you allowed us to keep our home of 29 years. We are so grateful, thank you again.

Ross and Teri

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I felt secure knowing my future was being sorted out

I have to thank Debt Free Australia for their professional and quick solutions to my debt solution. Since sorting it out in 2009, I felt secure in knowing my future was being sorted out, Thanks to Jack and the team as well, as they were also able to help me during my agreement to ensure i was able to live my life without being too restricting, was very happy with I paid it off in 2013!

Cam, Melbourne

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Back on track with a Debt Agreement

I would like to thank Debt Free Australia for all their help. Debt Free Australia helped me avoid bankruptcy and helped me getting my life back on track through a Debt Agreement. Debt Free Australia is a very professional organisation which listened and I found easy to approach. I could never imagine my life without debt and thanks to Debt Free Australia I can now live my life.


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Debt Free Australia changed my life!

Debt Free Australia assisted me in regaining my financial freedom! I had excessive credit card debt and it got to the point where it was so overwhelming, I needed help. The debt agreement provided me with relief and support and before I knew it, the debt started disappearing!

3 years on I am DEBT FREE! Thank you Debt Free Australia for changing my life and providing me with the much needed help and support!


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I am now on my way to being debt free

Thanks to Debt Free Australia’s Debt Agreement Proposal that is helping me to successfully pay off my debts over 5 years. After going through hard times which resulted in me losing my license, having to find a new job closer to home, and my car being repossessed, Debt Free Australia acted on my behalf. I am now on my way to finishing my obligations under the Debt Agreement, which will leave me Debt Free.


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My income was sinking fast but with DFA, I am back on Track

After hard times of separating with my husband which left me with a home loan, car loan, and a number of white goods loan, my income was sinking fast and I needed help. Although I tried my best my debt kept mounting, as I could not pay them as they fall due. I was struggling to keep up with my payments, including a second car loan repayment with two options; file for bankruptcy or receive help. With Debt Free Australia, a Debt Agreement was prepared on behalf of myself that helped me pay off my debt. As a result of the work Debt Free Australia did for me, I am now living Debt Free!


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