Debt Free Australia changed my life for the better.  All I had to do was admit I was out of my depth with credit card debt and recognise that it was making me ill waiting for the next bill to arrive.

In many ways debt is like alcoholism and once you admit there is a problem and determine to do something about it no matter how much your pride is knocked about by admitting this to a third party, the hard part is over.

After my call to Debt Free Australia, Jack kindly assisted me throughout the whole process. Debt Free Australia were very professional in the way they conducted business and found me a result that was affordable and sustainable for me.  I was glad to see the back of my debts but was more relieved that there was a plan in place.  My call to Debt Free Australia in 2009 was clearly the smartest move I had made. And I am now debt free!

Just make the call.