My name is Jeff and I am an office Manager working in Sydney. Three years ago my life was ‘grey’ with 5 credit cards, a bank personal loan and a well known finance company debt preventing me from sleeping, enjoying life and having a strong relationship.

I worked so hard to earn a good salary only to see very little of it left on payday each month. The banks and finance company got it all and to make matters worse, the debts only reduced marginally each month due to the high interest rates charged and the size of the debts – I was running on the same blade of grass

I contacted Debt Free Australia and was introduced to one of the Debt Advice Specialists, Mr Jack Panaghis. The service I received from Jack was excellent and to be quite honest, it was difficult to believe that they could do what they said was possible. Today, 3 years later, they proved me wrong and all my commitments with the outstanding loan companies no longer exist.

Don’t waste another hour –call them and speak to one of their very friendly, well trained and understanding staff and START LIVING AGAIN.

JD – Sydney