Declaring yourself bankrupt is a life changing decision that can come with serious consequences. That’s why at Debt Free Australia (DFA), we want to ensure that bankruptcy is the most suitable option for you before you proceed with filing the papers.
DFA offers a comprehensive free debt assessment for those facing financial difficulties. If the results of our assessment determine that you are indeed in need of declaring yourself bankrupt, we see it as our role to firstly educate you about bankruptcy. We provide free expert and impartial bankruptcy advice covering Australian bankruptcy laws, which debts are included in bankruptcy, what will happen to your assets, and so on.
At DFA, we offer services in bankruptcy form completion and lodgment with the Australian Financial Security Authority. Our once-off fee for helping to fill out your forms for voluntary bankruptcy starts from just $400.
Declaring yourself bankrupt does not have to be a daunting or complicated task with DFA. Call our personal debt advisors on 1800 676 598 to get debt free today. All calls are confidential and you may remain anonymous if you wish.