For many Australians, understanding the reality of their financial situation and knowing if they need professional help is not easy. With bills piling up, it’s easy to miss payments and become lost in growing debts. Many Australians are worried about their financial situation but think that they can solve it themselves, often ‘burying their heads in the sand’.
Avoiding the problem is the fastest way to bankruptcy and insolvency, therefore Debt Free Australia has created a free online debt assessment  tool to help Australians in any financial situation.
You can now easily fill in an online form that will assess your personal situation and work out if you need help from debt experts in just four easy steps.
The free online debt assessment tool will collect details about your personal debt, income and expenses, owned and leased assets and provide advice on whether a formal debt solution is necessary. Having that peace of mind is priceless, and Debt Free Australia wants to make it as easy as possible for all Australians.
Free and confidential advice from debt consultants is available 24/7 over the phone and via email. Free and informative expert videos are available to watch and download from the Debt Free Australia website. The process can be anonymous and without obligation. Thousands of Australians have turned to Debt Free Australia for advice on how to live a life free of debt.
If you prefer to call us please call now on our toll free advice line on 1800 676 598.