Life had become difficult. Sleepless nights, panic attacks whenever the phone rang, dizziness on receipt of threatening letters and invoices of ever increasing debt, short tempered and snapping at everyone around me. These were some of the nasty symptoms I experienced as a result of my inability to maintain repayments to all the creditors since losing my stable high-income job of several years which literally ended overnight with no warning or compensation. The carefree careless high-life very quickly became the anxious desperate low-life.

One day, feeling helpless and depressed, I bought a newspaper for distraction. I stumbled on an advertisement which jumped out at me – “Debt Free Australia” it proclaimed. “Call us now to discuss how we can help” it encouraged. My sleepless nights, panic attacks, dizziness, short temper, anxiety, helplessness and depression ended the moment I called to Debt Free Australia. The friendly, genuinely interested and professional staff at Debt Free Australia gave me options I was not aware of. Bankruptcy was the only solution as far as I knew but after discussions with Debt Free Australia, the best solution for me was a Personal Insolvency Agreement thus avoiding the dreaded bankruptcy. Debt Free Australia submitted my Personal Insolvency Agreement to my creditors for their approval and the day they did, my life changed. I was in control again. It allowed me to make affordable monthly payments moreover; it abruptly ceased all threatening correspondences from the creditors and froze their crippling interest charges. If I had not dragged my sorry self out of the house and bought that blessed newspaper, I would be bankrupt and homeless now.

I highly recommend Debt Free Australia to anyone experiencing debt-related bewilderment and stress. The staff are genuinely caring, helpful, trustworthy and more importantly, they have the knowledge and skills to get you out of that debt hell-hole you are in. Debt Free Australia will inform you of the different choices/pathways for your individual situation where you can have an input into the process. Debt Free Australia will empower you by providing accurate information and relevant options for your consideration. Debt Free Australia will support you throughout the process and you will feel relieved as I did, that someone on the same level-playing-field as your creditors is batting for you. Debt Free Australia went in to bat for me and turned it into a win-win situation. They can do that for you too.

I am enormously grateful to the staff of Debt Free Australia as they saved me and my children from bankruptcy and losing our home. As a consequence of this experience, I have become a debt-free consumer and a much smarter financial operator. The only way is up from here. Thank you Debt Free Australia for your professional people-centered service.