Day after day, year after year we tried to maintain payments to our creditors as were trapped in a cycle of debt. We were receiving constant telephone calls and letters requesting to pay more than we could afford. After being blinded by the drowning of debt for so long we woke up one morning and decided enough is enough. It was time to take control of our financial situation. We had worked too hard and battled for so long to end up being prisoner’s to bankruptcy which we were staring straight down the barrel of and to lose the house which we were hanging onto by a thread.

After searching the internet in a moment of desperation looking for solutions we came acrossDebt Free Australia. After reading their website we decided to give them a call. I spoke to who I consider an angel from up above by the name of “Amber” who gave me professional advice and options I was not aware of.

Bankruptcy was the only solution as far as we knew but after a few discussions with Debt Free Australia, the best solution for us was a Personal Insolvency Agreement thus avoiding the dreaded bankruptcy.

After a lot of hard work from the Debt Free Australia team we finally entered into a Personal Insolvency Agreement which was tailored to suit our situation allowing us to make one monthly payment to our creditors which we can afford and still have enough left to pay the mortgage and other bills and more importantly start living life again. We no longer have the constant stress and we get to keep our house.

I highly recommend Debt Free Australia to anyone experiencing debt related problems. The staff is caring, professional, understanding and more importantly have the knowledge and skills to get you out of the cycle of debt. Debt Free Australia will always keep you informed and provide you with accurate information. When they battle for you a win-win outcome is the only solution giving you complete confidence in their ability.

So instead of wondering what can be done just Debt Free Australia it.