A Debt Agreement Administrator can be a company or a person who is licenced and registered with the Australian Financial Security Authority (AFSA) to set up and administer Debt Agreements.
Before you pay any money to get help with setting up a Debt Agreement, make sure that the person or company who you are dealing with is registered with AFSA. Our CEO is a fully licenced insolvency practitioner, so if for some reason you don’t wish to proceed with a Debt Agreement and you need to consider other insolvency services like Bankruptcy  or a Personal Insolvency Agreement your case can be handled here.
Debt Free is registered and licenced with AFSA and we have been helping Australians with Debt Agreements since 2006, so we have a proven track record as a Debt Agreement Administrator. We will carry out a debt assessment for free, so if you want to see what debt solution is most appropriate for you, give us a call on our toll free advice line 1800 676 598.