If you have found yourself struggling with an overwhelming pile of debt and are looking for professional debt advice regarding the options available to you, Debt Free Australia (DFA) can help. At DFA, our team of licensed and experienced debt advisors can help identify the solutions most suitable to your unique debt situation.
Our qualified administrators can conduct a free debt assessment of your financial situation to help determine, firstly, exactly where you stand and whether you need professional help. If it is deemed that you would benefit from a formal debt solution, DFA will then give you professional advice on which option is most suitable for you and what it entails.
While filing for bankruptcy may be the only option left for some, others are more suited to entering into Personal Insolvency Agreements or Debt Agreements with their creditors. With DFA, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting impartial and professional advice about your available solutions.
To get free professional debt advice, or to find out more about our services, call DFA today on 1800 676 598.